Meet Mike

Millionaire Dating Coach Helping Successful Entrepreneurs getting The Women Of their Dreams

Mike has always been someone that liked to play around in life and didn’t take life too serious. With this mindset he went from being single and all by himself at the age of 17 to a successful dating coach with multiple open relationships.

After fine-tuning his own game to perfection, he Started with his coaching program to give other people the same possibilities he has reached in his life.
His program lays the foundation of true success into peoples lives .

Market a product based on something need.

Back then, the only thing Mike Geerinck was passionate about was seducing women. So using his experience he wrote an inspiring book. With a $9 price tag and 32 pages, his first Ebook was launched.

After several months later he launched his Alpha Pack Program, which is a Step-By-Step Progress everyone needs to make with the guarantee it will change your life forever.

He had successfully turned his passion into profit.

From there he rinsed and repeated the process, replicating results and scaled his marketing strategy into various niches.

In 2018, Mike Geerinck launched The Alpha Pack Program – an online Seducing guide. It Helped over more then 500 people getting the woman of their dreams

Today, Mike Geerinck is committed to enabling people to push their own boundaries to achieve success quickly, on their way to their loved one

Through online programs and Private Coaching, Mike Geerinck has reached Hundreds of people from all walks of life:

He has created a digital product including Live coaching to get people guaranteed success in their love lives.

His course has brought a huge value for every entree who entered his program.

He has trained hundreds of people in over 20+ countries all over the world.

As a highly in demand Dating Coach he's succesfully helping people getting the women they deserve.

Mike Geerinck is the CEO and founder of Amnesti – a global brand that teaches people how to get the women of your dreams and what they deserve