35 Day-Challange

Get success with women within 35 days.

How fast would do you start to get success?

With this Step-By-Step Mentorship, We will together guide you to the women of your dreams. Every day we’ll give you a new challange which will allow you to go further than you ever could IMAGEN.


After spending years of practice in his own game, Mike is giving his experience from the moment he started, and then hit some obstacles which changed his life into a huge success.

Get behind the scenes of the whole process, the strategies he came up with that turned every situation into a Triumph.

Live Like a Boss 2.0

Change your life overnight. That’s what this book is all about and promises. Getting better relationships with Everyone – friends, Family, Etc.

People find it sometimes very difficult to jump back into the social life, after they’ve been focusing too much on their job or career. In this book you’ll find a way to create a new life that contains good friendship, healthy relationships, knowing what you want from people and getting it done.

Mike’s personal thoughts about this book: “I would never bring out a book like this, but people need it”

Alpha Pack Program

A 1-on-1 Live Program that will allow you to pull gorgeous women with Mike 

Once you’re in Mike’s program, you’ll most surely have success with women. Mike assures that people succeed after being in his course for just five weeks. Can you imagine what you could do with your life if you would have the knowledge and experience in five weeks from now on?

FB Community Pack

Discover a way to get fast results by coming into a FREE community where you can ask questions to other people who have a common interest.

Not just Mike, but many others will be ready to help you to get success quickly. Share stories, ask questions and bring value into this FREE community.